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It’s because white cis women are the only women allowed enough nuance of personality to afford not to perform femininity to the high degree that women of color or trans women have to in order to be respected. That’s why it’s cute and Feminist! if white cis girls have hairy legs while Mexican girls are made fun of for having lip hair

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white ppl:*for literally hundreds of years and still to this day* black ppl are ugly!!!
black ppl:*looks in the mirror* bye we look good af? like damn near better than yal...???
white ppl:....
white ppl:everyone is beautiful, u don't have to put ppl down...
" The weirdest though is when they’re like “I ship Sarah and Rachel” and I’m like “whaaa - that’s another level of shi - that’s a whole other world.” "
by Tatiana Maslany (x)

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FKA twigs

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